About Salem

Salem is located in the north central part of the state of Tamilnadu. It is the fifth biggest city in Tamilnadu with an area of 100km2.


Weather in this city is usually moderately dry throughout the year. Starting from the month of December to February is usually having the great weather when compared to rest of the seasons. Temperature is high starting from March till the end of May. The highest temperature is recorded in the month of May. Temperature starts falling in the pre monsoon season i.e. in June and July and from August onwards sky becomes cloudy. Monsoon starts in the month of September till November.


Salem is well connected to other important cities of India by road and rail. It is about 340 KMS away from Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu and 200 KMS from Bangalore. Three important national highways (NH7, NH47 and NH68) are passing through the city. Salem is the headquarters of Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC). City has 2 bus stations with the second maximum number of bus services in the state to all over the cities of India.

Salem junction is 5 KMS away from the heart of the city and this is the divisional head quarters of southern Indian railways. Salem is well connected to all other important railway stations in the country. There are round the clock bus services from railway station to other parts of the city. Thiruchirapalli (135 KMS) and Coimbatore (159 KMS) are the two nearest airports to Salem. Two nearest major international airports are Chennai and Bangalore.

Tourist Attractions near Salem

Salem is surrounded by many beautiful visiting places which reflect the nature at its best. Some of them are:

Mettur Dam: Mettur dam is situated about 30 kms from Salem. It is constructed across the cauveri River, where it enters the plains. It has a height of 65 mtrs and length of 1616 mtr and a capacity of 2648 cubic mtrs. There is a beautiful garden near the dam and you will get to see many factories around the dam too.

Yercaud: Yarcaud is an important hill station in south India which is situated around 28 kms away from Salem. It is located in the Eastern Ghats and known as “Jewel of South”. This hill station has always got a pleasant weather where the temperature is always between 130 c- 290c.

Kolli hills: Kolli hills are a part of Eastern Ghats and situated in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu. This is situated in an altitude of 1190. Kolli Hills has been the top choice for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, trekking clubs and meditation practitioners among the hill stations in Tamil Nadu. This place is not widely explored as a tourist place and tribes in this place are still follows their traditional customs.

Belur: This place is around 25 kms from Salem situated in Karnataka state on the banks of river Vashistandhi.

Hogenakkal: This is situated at Dharmapuri, where river cauveri enters the state of Tamil Nadu. This is some time known as “Niagara of India”. At this place the broad stream of cauveri gets forked. It forms an island from where one stream continues and plunges into a deep gorge to create a lovely waterfall. Medicinal bath and hide boat ride are the major attractions of this place.

Tharamangalam: This is a place near to Salem and it is said to be the paradise to lovers of sculpture. Famous kailasanathar temple is situated in Tharamangalam. Dance competition between lord Shiva and Goddess Kaali is depicted in this Temple.

Hosur: Hosur is a town located in Krishnagiri district of Tamilnadu. This place is famous for its industrial expansion and pleasant climate.

Other important places to visit near Salem are Thiruchengode and Sankari District.