General Dentistry

General dentistry includes all primary dental care like diagnosis, dental treatment, management and overall coordination of services to meet a patient’s oral health needs. This oral health care needs include: tooth fillings, root canal treatment, crowns, veneers, bridges, gum care as well as preventive education.

If you want to have a complete solution for your teeth problems, then P.S.A.Varadarajan Dental Clinic is one of the best options. We have a proven history of successful general dentistry treatments done at our clinic. We are offering a cost effective pain free dentistry treatment under one roof. We educate patients by counselling sessions about the dental hygiene and preventive care. Our department of dentistry is also having efficient dental technicians, dental assistants and dental hygienists who are helping you to get the best service in dentistry.

Conservative Tooth Filling

Conservative Dentistry is a branch of dentistry, which means the complete restoration, functionally and aesthetically, of the patient’s original tooth. P.S.A.Varadarajan Dental Clinic offers all types of conservative dental procedures including tooth coloured fillings.

A typical dental treatment that is frequently used is the tooth filling which repairs and covers only a portion of the tooth. A dental filling is the most conservative way of restoring a tooth and is usually a two-stage procedure. Since we are using the materials which bond mechanically and chemically to your original tooth, very less tooth preparation is needed. We always try to maintain the original size and shape of your teeth in order to reduce the problems in future. Cost of tooth filling depends upon the choice of filling material and how many teeth to be filled.


First the dentist will be removing the decayed tooth matter caused by cavities or injury. Only the weakened area or the decayed part of the tooth is removed by using tiny drills and our dentists makes sure that your original tooth is conserved as far as possible.

Dental drilling is mostly the uncomfortable procedure and dreaded by most of the patients. Our dentist will numb the area to avoid the sensation of the drill. Then dentist washes out the hole before placing the filling. Secondly, he/she apply different materials to fill the removed portion, thus allows the person to have complete function of the tooth. The major discomfort is not due to the procedure, it is actually for psychological reasons. We give more importance for patients comfort by understanding their individual problems.

Types of conservative tooth fillings

The most common types of conservative tooth fillings are the silver amalgam and gold fillings.

1. Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam is the most widely known filling material. Amalgam is made up of a mixture of silver, tin, zinc, copper and mercury. 50% of Amalgam fillings contains mercury, and is often referred to as metal fillings. Its low cost is making it widely accepted by the people and dentists. Another advantage of this filling is its strength and durability. These fillings can typically last 15years or longer. These fillings are also fairly easy to place in the tooth and there is no concern about contamination from saliva or blood.

The disadvantages of silver amalgam are that it is prone to expansion and contraction and more likely to cause your tooth to crack. The amount of mercury present in this filling is also controversial. Their safety has been in question for a number of years due to concerns over the absorption of elemental mercury which is contributing to several diseases, including Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, dementia and arthritis. The FDA investigations have still not proven that the minute amount of mercury vapors released from silver fillings is a health hazard.

2. Gold fillings

This is an expensive alternative to silver amalgam filling. The advantage of this tooth filling is that it can last over 15years and the material is sturdy and non-corrosive. It takes more than 1 office visit to fit them properly and it is difficult to find a dentist who offers this filling.