Pain Management

Dental Phobia Counseling and Management

Dental phobia or dental fear referred to the fear of dentistry or fear of getting dental care treatments. These days most of the dental procedures are not painful still some people may have some fear of getting a treatment or just being examined can make them stressed. For those people with this dental anxiety, thought of dentist visit is also terrifying. People with dental phobia often put off routine care for years or even decades. To avoid it, they’ll put up with gum infections (periodontal disease), pain, or even broken and unsightly teeth. Dental anxiety and phobia are two different forms of dental fears. People with anxiety will have worries or uneasiness only at the time of their appointments while dental phobia is more serious.

Dental anxiety and phobia are extremely common. People with dental phobia have a higher risk of gum disease and early tooth loss. Avoiding the dentist may have emotional costs as well. Discoloured or damaged teeth can make people self-conscious and insecure. There is often a serious loss of self-esteem.

Dental phobia, like other mental disorders, can be treated. Without treatment, dental phobia is likely to get worse over time. That’s partly because emotional stress can make dental visits more uncomfortable than they need to be.

Causes of Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Pain: The fear of pain is most common in adults 24 years and older. This may be because their early dental visits happened before many of the advances in “pain-free” dentistry.
Feelings of helplessness and loss of control: Many people develop phobias about situations in which they feel they have no control. It’s common for people to feel helpless and out of control, which may trigger anxiety.
Negative past experiences: Anyone who has had pain or discomfort during previous dental procedures is likely to be more anxious the next time around.

Dental Anxiety Management

There are many treatment options in our clinic for the dental anxiety. Our doctors are providing Pain management counselling for people with intense fear of dentistry. In counselling sessions we will make the patient clear about the dental treatments available for his or her disorders and about the techniques. It is important to let them know that there are several painless dentistry treatments which are available these days. Normally in our clinic dental crown pain, dental implant pain, dental abscess pain and dental filling pain are controlled by giving sedatives or anaesthesia. We will help our patient to reduce their anxiety by educating them about the pain control medications and anaesthesia.

We are educating patients with dental fear about the relaxation techniques which he or she can practice to reduce their stress and anxiety. Yoga therapies are always good to reduce the tensions and discomfort. Use of some sedatives will be helpful for patients with dental phobia to dental pain relief.

Hypnotic Techniques in Dentistry

Studies show that hypnotic analgesia is efficient in dental pain management. But hypnotic techniques are not used frequently in dentistry as hypnosis works extremely well with some people but is not for everyone. Hypnotic interventions are used in dentistry to help the affected individual in decreasing discomfort triggered by orthodontic appliances. Although this is not a substitute for chemical sedatives and pain medications, this can be applied to reduce the sum of such chemicals. It is said that appropriate hypnotic suggestion throughout a dental procedure is efficient in controlling salivary movement and bleeding.

Hypnosis is also used in dentistry for controlling a strong gag reflex, treating chronic facial pain, modification of unwanted habits like teeth grinding etc. Hypnosis has also been widely utilized to deal with atypical facial discomfort and ache connected with TMJ problems.

Hypnotic anxiousness management could also be employed as a sort of premedication, and study has confirmed that employing hypnosis in combination with a typical intravenous sedation for surgical elimination of mandibular third molars considerably lowered the sum of sedation essential and decreased recovery time by 36 percent.

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