Preprosthetic Surgery

When a tooth is extracted underlying bone may become sharp and uneven. In such cases, patients may require minor surgical procedure in order to properly fit a denture. Preprosthetic surgery is performed to modify the upper or lower jaw ridges so that dentures can be worn more comfortably or so that dental implants can be placed. This is a maxillofacial prosthesis surgery which prepares your mouth before your surgeon places any dental prosthesis (dentures). In order to fit the dentures well in your mouth, the bone and tissue area must be in appropriate shape and size. Occasionally during this surgery, bone from your hip or skin from your thigh is used to increase the height of the jaw ridges. Some treatments do not require an overnight stay in hospital. In most of the cases Pre-prosthetic surgery procedures are done in complete comfort at our office using any one of the anaesthetic methods. If there is a major surgery to be done then you will be told well in advance the date of hospitalization.

Pre prosthetic Procedures done at our clinic are:

  • Removal of excess bone and excess gum tissue.
  • Bone leveling and reshaping.
  • Ridge extension soft tissue surgery (Vestibuloplasty).
  • Bone ridge augmentation.
  • Frenectomy